The extremely narrow microwave pulse emitted by the antenna on radar level transmitter can travel at the speed of light and part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of target medium, is received again by the same antenna. The time lapse between pulse emission and reception by the antenna is proportional to the distance between the surface of target medium and the reference point on antenna.

However, due to the fact that the electromagnetic wave is transmitted at extremely high speed, which leads to a short time lapse (nanosecond level) and makes it difficult to be identified, radar level transmitter have adopted a special demodulation technology, enabling itself to detect the time lapse between pulse emission and reception correctly, and eventually generate accurate measurement result.

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Key Features
The guided wave radar level transmitter, adopted 26GHz as transmission frequency, offers the following unique features:
• Non-contact measurement
• Easy set-up and installation
• High accuracy
• Unaffected by dust generation
• Loop-Powered
Equipped with advanced microprocessor and unique Echo Discovery echo processing technology, the radar level transmitter can be used under various process conditions.


• Liquids under easy process condition
• Highly erosive liquids
• Storage Tanks and process vessels
• Water processing
• Pump Stations


Maximum Measurement Range: 10 m
Blanking Distance: 0.5 m
Beam Angle: 22 Degree
Measurement Accuracy: +/- 5 mm of the measuring range
Process Temperature: -20 to 80 °C
Process Pressure: -1 to 2 bar
Frequency Range: 26 GHz
Signal Output: 4~20 mA
Power: 2-wire system (24 VDC)
Display/Programmer: Dot matrix display / text indication with graphic support (optional)
Housing: Aluminum / IP67
Transducer Material: PFA
Process Connection: 1 1/2” MNPT
Cable Entry: M20 x 1.5
Effective Radiated Power 1uW EIRP (Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power)

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