Based on a single float and magnetic flaps or float indicator. The measuring tube that carries a float is installed like an external chamber to the side of a tank.

The magnet inside the float actuates the magnetic flaps or float indicator according to change in liquid level in the measuring tube.

The float or column of coloured flaps indicates the liquid
level in the tank which corresponds to the liquid level in the
measuring tube.

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• Little or no maintenance required and less risk of leakage than a sight glass
• Add-on switches for alarms and level control
• Add-on 4-20mA transmitter for continuous level control or remote indication
• Easy field upgrade by replacing either the indicator or float.


• Level measurement for low and medium height vessel or tank.
• Measurement unaffected by presence of mechanical agitator or color of the fluid.


• Accuracy: ±5 mm of actual level
• Maximum Fluid Viscosity 5000 cP
• Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure 16 bar
• Measuring Range 0.3 to 6m
• Maximum Fluid Temperature Standard: -20°C to +80°C
• Minimum Fluid Density (Float) 0.8kg/l
• Process Connection DN15...50 PN 16/40; 1/2”...2” ANSI 150/300lbs, others on request
• Float Material 316 SS
• Gasket Material Rubber
• Flange Material 304 SS
• Indicator Type Bi-colour flap
• Bi-colour Flap Casing Aluminum
• Bi-colour Flap Material Aluminum
• Mounting Position Vertical - side/side, top/bottom and others on request
• Optional Features:
 a. Limit switch (bi-stable switch)
 b. Remote signal transmitter (4-20mA)
 c. Isolation valves
 d. Vent / drain valves

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