iSOLV Positive Displacement Flowmeter

An ideal flowmeter for hydrocarbon product flow measurements.
The measuring chamber of the iSOLV Bi-Rotator positive displacement flowmeter consists of a body, a pair of rotor gear and a top cover. A cavity with a known volume is formed and functions as the measuring chamber of the flowmeter.

The bi-rotators rotate under the minimum change in pressure between the inlet and outlet. Rotations send the liquid from the inlet to the outlet. The rotation of the two rotators is directly proportional to the volume of liquid passing through.

The mechanical rotations of the bi-rotators are transmit- ted to a mechanical totalizer or electronic counter for flowrate and totalizer display.

Application reference:

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• Volumetric type positive displacement flowmeter. Designed for demanding applications in liquid flow measurements that require high accuracy and reliability.
• Positive displacement flowmeter has a pair of uniquely designed rotators that eliminate or reduce pulsations in the flow.
• High accuracy up to 0.1%
• Low pressure loss
• Wider viscosity range
• Low noise and vibrations
• Longer service intervals
• Economical maintenance
• Choice of cast steel or stainless steel construction
• High temperature capability up to 250°C
• Option for heat tracing of the meter body


Example :
• Lubrication
• Chemicals
• Fuels
• Solvents
• Oils
• Greases
• Etc.

Industries :
• Automotive Fluid Dispensing
• Chemical, Refining & Petrochemical
• Oil & Gas
• Process or Industrial
• Test Equipment & Services
• Water & Wastewater Treatment
• Etc.


• Sizes DN15 to DN400Connection
• Flanges according to DIN / ANSI/ JIS
• Pressure Rating Up to PN64
• Temperature Rating Standard: 80ºC
 Optional:150 / 250ºC
• Material of Construction Standard: Cast Steel
 Optional: SS304 or SS316
• Accuracy Class Standard: 0.5%
 Optional: 0.2% / 0.1% (Custody Transfer)
• Maximum Fluid Viscosity 20,000 mPa.s
• Measuring Range Please refer to ow table
• Other Option Heating jacket for uids with high viscosity

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