iSOLV LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter

The LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter is non-contacting and operates on the principle of timing the echo received from a pulse of sound in air, this provides a highly accurate calculation of flow from the measured head preceding the primary element.

Flow calculations to the British Standard BS3680 are available within the software together with calculations for a wide variety of other primary elements. Also available within the unit is a customised 32 point calibration routine which also permits the flow measurement of non - standard flumes and weirs.

For channels without primary elements the LevelWizard II even offers the facility of connecting a Doppler Velocity Sensor (available from iSOLV) and performing the calculations of Flow Q = Velocity x area for a wide variety of channel shapes.

Application reference:

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• The LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter can show level, space, distance, head or flow on the display.

• The relays can be programmed to activate alarms, pump starters, or other control equipment. There is an isolated 4-20 mA output that can be connected to a chart recorder or PLC, to monitor level space or distance, independently from that shown on the display.

• There is an RS232 port, so that the LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter can be operated remotely by a PC or other equipment.

• The LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter can be programmed either by thebuilt-in keypad or by using the Remote Communicator (optional) or by PC via the RS 232 Serial Interface (optional).

• One Communicator can program many iSOLV units.

• All the parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, so the information is retained in the event of power interruption. A second backup copy of all parameters can also be retained in the LevelWizard II Open Channel Flowmeter, in case a previous set of parameters needs to be restored.


It has been specifically designed to measure influent and effluent water flow from all types of municipal and industrial treatment plants.


 • Weight Nominal: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
 • Transducer Cable: Three-core screened, can be extended with 2 or 3 core screened
 • Maximum Separation: 500 m
 • Cable Entry Details 10 cable entries - 5 x M20, 1 x M16 underside, and 4 x 18mm at rear
 • Enclosure: 240 x 184 x 118 mm, Polycarbonate, ame resistant to UL94-5V
 • IP Rating: IP 65
 • Min & Max. Temperature (electronics): -20 °C to 55 °C
 • Flammable Atmosphere Approval: Safe Area - Compatible with approved dB transducers

 • Accuracy: +/-0.25% of the measured range or 6 mm (whichever is greater)
 • Resolution: 0.1% of the measured range or 2 mm whichever is greater)
 • Maximum Range: 6 meters (dB6 transducer), 10 meters (dB 10 transducer)
 • Minimum Range: Dependent on transducer
 • Reading Response: Fully adjustable

 • Analog Output: Isolated output 4-20mA or 0-20mA into 500 (user programmable), 0.1% resolution
 • Digital Output: Full Duplex RS232 via RJ11 port
 • Optional: RS485 conn for Modbus with Probus DP V0 or V1 options
 • Volt free contacts, number and rating: 5 form ‘C‘ ( SPDT ) rated at 5A at 115 Vac
 • Display: 2 row LCD display showing programmed scale, plus bar graph with direction indicators, remote communicator identier, program/run/test mode indicators and relay status

 • On-board Programming: Integral keypad
 • PC Programming: Via RS232 (RJ11 port) or RS485 (optional)
 • Programming Security: Via Password (User Selectable and Adjustable)
 • Programmed Data Security: Via non-volatile RAM, plus backup
 • Data Logging (Optional): Via RJ11 port has 256kb giving 1 year at 15 min intervals (uses PC Suite software)

 • Power Supply: 85 - 264Vac, 50/60Hz, 22-28Vdc

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