Water Quality Monitoring for Smart Distribution Networks are High-precision water quality measuring and analysis, online data collection and streaming make the WQA-600 Series an integral component of ‘intelligent’ operations in water distribution systems. The device facilitates monitoring for a reliable, efficient and safe smart water distribution network, at every critical point along the network.

The best solution for gathering and communicating water quality data without relying on external power supply. The built-in low energy and long-life battery pack is enhanced with automated and on-demand measurement settings. Measurement frequency can be switched to turbo mode when a water quality event is detected.

The WQA-600 Series data measurements and alarms are logged locally and also transmitted via GPRS communication systems. The device’s open data protocol allows for easy integration with any SCADA and analysis systems.

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• Total / Free chlorine, turbidity, ORP, pH, temperature, conductivity measurements. Option for pressure and flow
• Electrode standby when no flow and no chlorine
• Continuous measurement triggered by water quality events
• IP67 water proof; UV resistant
• Efficient disinfection monitoring
• Real time quality analysis for varying water source
• Easy integration with SCADA


High-precision water quality measuring and analysis, online data collection and streaming operations in water distribution systems.


Operating Temperature
• Ambient temperature: 1.5°C to 55°C (35°F to 131°F)
• Storage temperature: 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)

Chlorin Measurement
• Electrode: Passive-operated sensor with gold cathode & silver / silverchloride anode
• pH operation range: 4 to 8
• Free chlorine measurement range: 0-2 ppm or 0-10 ppm
• Resolution: 0.01 ppm
• Repeatability: 1% span
• Body material: PVC
• Membrane material: PTFE
• Membrane cap material: PBT (GF30), PVDF

pH Measurement
• Range: 0 to 14
• Electrode: Ceramic diaphragm and gel filling
• Input impedance: 0.5 x 1012 Ω
• Resolution: 0.01 pH
• Repeatability: 0.01
• Body material: Glass

ORP (Redox) Measurement
• Measurement range: 0 to 2000 mV
• Sensor: Ceramic diaphragm and gel filling
• Resolution: 1 mV
• Body material: Glass or plastic
• Repeatability: 0.01

Turbidity Measurement
• Sensor: White light nephelometry (90° and 180°)
• Measuring range: 0 to 20 NTU
• Accuracy: 2-4% FS
• Resolution: 0.001
• Repeatability: 0.01
• Colorimeter body material: PP
• Bubble removal: Automated internal mechanism
• Cell cleaning: Automated internal mechanism

Conductivity Measurement
• Sensor: k=1 cell constant conductivity
• Range: 20 to 5000 µSim
• Accuracy: 2-4% FS
• Resolution: 1 µs
• Repeatability: 0.01
• Measuring surface: Graphite or similar
• Body material: Plastic
• Temperature compensation: NTC

Electrical Connection
• Power supply: 12 X 3.7 V batteries, Size D
• System: 24 months autonomy (1 reading/h)
• Power button: For technician/field access

Data Logging
• Memory: Cyclic and block mode
• Capacity: 65,000 readings
• Mode: Count and event
• Frequency (water quality par.): 15 min - 1 day
• Event logging: Yes
• Alarms: SMS/Email

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