iSOLV Checker TCS1000/M100

Built in auto cleaning wiper with hard-to-scratch sapphire glass makes maintenance easy with reliable & stable measurement in harsh conditions.

Suspended solid transmitter uses a method of 90°C scattered light. In the method, a light source of a Detector illuminates the surfaces of suspended matter floating in the water and the light is scattered by these surfaces is detected by a photo element installed at an angle of 90° from the light source. The suspended solid is determined by the amount of scattered light.

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• Build-in wiping cleaning system certainly keeps lenses clean
• Check and clean the window surface once every month.
• “Easy to Clean” scratch-proof sapphire glass for the optical windows
• Compact size can fit into any installation site
• Monitoring of clarifier overflow weirs in waste water treatment plants
• Final outlet of effluent from dissolved air floatation plants
• Raw water inlet measurements in water treatment plants
• Surface water monitoring
• Solids loading in rivers and streams
• Product breakthrough on plate heat exchangers


• Monitoring final discharge water
• Controlling coagulation agent
• Controlling the water recycling system
• Controlling the rinse water


Sensor TCS-1000
• Measuring Range:
  - 0-100(FTU) / 0-500(FTU) / 0-3000(FTU)
  - Output Analog (4-20mA) signal output: resistance load of 300 (Max.)
  - 4mA: 0 (mg/l)
  - 20mA: 1000 (mg/l)
  - Self-checking output: open collector (12VDC 20mA Max.)
• Input: Calibration signal input
• Cleaning System: Both sided swing wiper cleaning system
• Operating Temperature: 0-40oC (unfrozen)
• Material: SUS 316L, sapphire glass, fluorocarbon rubber, EPDM, POM
• Degree of Protection: IP 68, maximum depth of 2 meters (underwater type)
• Detector Cable length: 10m

Transmitter M100
• Power 110 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz
• Display Resolution:
• Output Calibration:
  - Calibration Output
  - Power Supply for Sensor (12 VDC)
  - Signal Output (analog 4-20mA, resistance load of 300 or less)
  - Self-checking Relay Output (240 VAC, 1A)
  - Alarm Relay Output (240 VAC, 1A)
• Input (Detector):
  - Detector signal input (analog 4-20mA, input resistance approx.100)
  - Self-checking input
• Operating Temperature 20 to +50oC
• Material Polycarbonate
• Protection IP65

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