Type sensor of iSOLV AFC100:

1. Polarographic Sensor (AFC100-A)
This series of sensors with flowcells is for measuring free chlorine,combined chlorine and dissolved ozone.The sensors are polarographic with membrane, and provide asignal proportionate to the content in the liquid. All models comewith a built-in Pt100 for temperature.The measurement of chlorine/ozone does not alter the samplebecause there is no addition of chemicals to the water flow.

2. Potentiostatic Cell (AFC100-B)
The potentiostatic method is an “amperometric” measure with constant potential, made through 2 metal electrodes and a reference electrode dipped in a cell. The current running through the cell consumes Chlorine or Ozone contents, therefore they must be renewed through a constant liquid flow. In the traditional amperometric measurement it results difficult to maintain a constant relation between cell current and Chlorine (Ozone) concentration, especially near the zero, because of the ORP and liquid resistance effects. As result frequent zero and sensitivity calibration are needed. In the potentiostatic measuring, the electrodes potential is electronically controlled in relation to the liquid, providing a linear relationship current/concentration and a very stable zero value in oxidative absence.

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• Easy to install
• Low maintenance costs
• Great zero stability
• Suitable for Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide
and Dissolved Ozone


- Drinking water
- Food and beverage
- Paper and pulp
- Chemical industry
- Pharmaceutical
- Swimming pools
- Water treatment
- Etc,.


Display: Multi-line Graphic
Inputs: Potentiostatic (Non-Selective) Sensor Or Membrane Polarographic (Selective) Sensor
Range: 0-20ppm/ mg/l (User-Configurable)
Temperature Range: -10.0 ~ +110.0 °C / -14.0 ~ +230.0 °F
Analog Outputs: Two Isolated Analog Outputs, 0-20mA/ 4-20mA, Fully Configurable
Contact Outputs: Two SPDT Voltage Free Relays 220Vac, 5A
Power Consumption: 85 ~ 264Vac - 50/60 Hz, 5VA, 9 ~ 36Vdc (Optional-Please Request)
Weight: 1360g
Enclosure: ABS, IP65
Dimension: 256x230x89mm
EMC/RFI Conformity: EN61326

Polarographic Sensor (AFC100-A)
Type: Membrane Selective for pH 6.5-8.5
Response: 90% @ 60 Seconds
Material: Stainless Steel, Noryl
RTD Type: PT100 (Built In)
Temperature: 5 - 55 °C
Cable: Integral 7m
Sampling: Overflow Flowcell (Clear Acrylic)
Flow Rate: 25~50 l/h
Inlet: ¼”
Outlet: ½”

Potentiostatic Cell (AFC100-B)
Type: Non Selective for Stable pH Only
Electrode: 2 Platinum Rings
Reference: Gel With Annular Junction
Body Material: Glass
Cable: Integral 3m
Sampling: Overflow Flowcell (WQA-FRC-Z10)
Flow Rate: 10~30 l/h
Inlet: ¼” Fitting for 4x6mm Tubing
Outlet: Fitting for 10x14mm Tubing

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