3S Valve Maintenance Device For Buried Valves

The 3S AIG XS is designed as a handy valve maintenance device and completes the product range of 3S actuators. It is with 5.5 kg much lighter and smaller than its predecessor, the 3S AIG and is offered in three versions with a peak output of up to 900 Nm. As a one-man device, it is ideal for the needs of medium and small size network operators. Torques of up to 1,800 Nm can be achieved with the 3S load amplifier.

Just like the more powerful 3S AIG, it impresses with its innovative digital electronics, which make it into much more than a simple valve exerciser. Current valve conditions can be captured and plotted as a torque curve, which also shows number of gears turned. Condition-based valve maintenance can therefore be realized.

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• Objective inspection by capturing torque and number of gears turned
• Paperless and tamper-proof documentation of current valve condition.
• Digital interface for importing valve master data and exporting condition data
• Optimized deployment of resources and maintenance measures
• Rehabilitation of valves instead of replacement


• Touch-screen user interface: 5 inch, 480x800RGB
• Torque/ speed control: Via touch-screen user interface and two-way eletronic switch
• Feed-back valve status data: Current torque and position, valve turns, maximum torque
• Valve selection: Via touch-screen user interface
• Data interface valve master/measurement data: USB, bluetooth, mobile radio (optional)

• Weight: 5.3 kg
• Power supply: 50VDC via 3S Battery Pack 600(600Wh, 13Ah)
• Powerinput: 1500W max
• Motor protection: Thermosensor, current limiting
• Torque switching: Electronic continuous adjustment
• Position feedback: Digital motor control
• Connection gearboxoutput: 3/4 inch square-end
• Motor: Variable-speed 48 V DC, synchronousmotor,permanentexcitation
• Operating mode: DutytypeS2-30min, duty, type S3-50%60min
• Gearbox: High-performance planetary gearing
• Protection class: IP23
• Ambienttemperature: -10 to + 40°C

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